Massage therapy is a natural way of helping the body heal and replenish itself. Massage sessions are always personalized to your needs. In massage, full bodywork can consist of the neck, shoulders, back, gluts, legs, feet, arms, hands, chest, stomach, face, and scalp. The body is draped with a sheet or towel as it is worked on. It is always professional and relaxing allowing your body to physically and mentally become healthier. With most massage sessions, heat therapy, aromatherapy, cryotherapy, and topical muscle pain relieving ointments can be added into your session upon request or as needed. As a new client, a quick info sheet will need to be filled out to better serve you

Benefits of Massage Therapy

        Increases Cardiovascular Circulation
·        Improves Lymphatic System
·        Boosts Immune System
·        Releases Muscle Spasms and Tension
·        Improves Nervous System
·        Initiates Better Relaxation & Deeper Sleep
·        Improves Respiratory System
·        Speeds Injury Recovery
·        Promotes Body Organ and Spinal Health
·        Aids in Joint Mobility and Flexibility
·        Decreases Headaches and Sinus Problems
·        Relieves Carpal Tunnel and TMJ
·        Spreads Oxygen to Cells

There are different types of massage each consisting of different techniques involved and varying pressure and time length. Please take the time to see what is right for you! It is recommended that you don’t eat one hour prior to your session and have lots of water afterward through the following day to allow your body to flush out the toxins and reduce any possible soreness.

Other professional holistic services such as acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, facials, waxing, skin treatments, meditation/hypnosis, and other services you can be referred to upon request.

Swedish Massage
                                                                                                    Top You will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! Swedish massage is the most popular form of massage. It consists of a variety of long flowing strokes as well as more specific kneading strokes on the bare skin with lotion or oil. Sessions of at least one hour is needed to work on the full body (preferably 1 ˝ hour) but a few areas can be targeted in a ˝ hour, or you can pamper yourself with a longer session making sure all the tension is worked away. Pressure is customized to your desire and tolerance from light to firm and some trigger point if needed. It can be very relaxing but effective on tension and muscle spasms.

Deep Tissue Massage                                                                                                   Top Have endless knots, tension, and need more work than average? Deep Tissue massage is geared toward those with acute and chronic muscular pain or tension. Also for those who have a high level of physical activity regularly. It is designed to release compacted tissue, increase circulation, erase trigger points, and reduce nerve entrapment. It is very effective in the treatment of pain due to injury, stress, repetitive strain, postural distortion, post surgical syndromes, and chronic neuromuscular conditions. Not recommended for those new to massage or with low pain tolerance. Deep Tissue is a combination of Swedish massage, Structural Integrative Bodywork, stretching, Trigger Point, Sports Massage, and deep pressure. This type of massage cannot be done too quickly because of the pressure and therefore 1 ˝ to 2 hour sessions are recommended..

Outcalls                                                                                                                                      Top
When the therapist comes to you, enjoy the comfort of your home or space and eliminate the hectic drive afterward. The therapist brings their atmosphere to yours with soothing music, candlelight, massage table, linens, oil or lotion, and their hands for a great Swedish, Thai, or Deep Tissue Massage! Please consider having a tranquil time spaced out from the phones and family so that you can fully relax and unwind. Outcalls are available for couples, females, or ongoing male clients within the Dallas Area. Space of about 5x9 is needed.

Hot Stone Massage                                                                                                                  Top
Hot Stone Massage is very relaxing and therapeutic, especially for those who have a harder time letting go. The smooth, hot, lava rocks used with oil glide over the skin in the hands of the therapist as if only very warm oil was being used to massage. They are also placed in key areas to allow muscles to release tension and spasms quicker. The heat allows for sometimes deeper work without feeling soreness or pain. Great for those with arthritic or rheumatic pain as well as those who want a warm nurturing massage!

Thai Massage
                                                                                                                           Top Thai Massage involves stretching, yoga, and compression movements and comes from Thailand. It is done over light, loose, comfortable clothing and is very relaxing yet invigorating to the muscles and joints. Deep rhythmic breathing is a key element while the therapist uses arms and legs to push and pull you into better health! Please consult with your physician if you have range of motion, spinal, or mobility problems. Traditional Thai Massage is 2 hours long to do the full session but 1 and 1 ˝ hour is also available.

Couples Massage
Is it a special occasion or just want to share the experience? Couples massage allows family, friends, or spouses to enjoy the therapeutic experience in the same setting. Both are worked on in the same room with separate therapists, allowing you to share in the relaxation or compare thoughts. In order to better accommodate you, please schedule at least one week ahead for this. You may add your special touch to this by coordinating to have wine, fresh flowers, or some fruit before or after your session.

Chair Massage
Chair Massage is great at the workplace and at special events. Many businesses are now understanding the need to de-stress and relieve built up tension of their staff. Better health produces better productivity and efficiency. What better way to reward the staff once every quarter, every month, or even once a year with a 10 or 15 minute chair massage! The low-back, back, neck, arms, and hands can be massaged over clothing in a massage chair.

Having a family reunion, holiday party, or a group of friends over?
They will thank you endlessly for their quick therapeutic break with chair massage. It’s the healthiest form of entertaining your guests, have them slip away and feel rejuvenated and energized in just 10 to 30 minutes. Other services such as foot scrubs or mini facials can be coordinated with a licensed esthetician for parties as well. There is a minimum of two hours required, and over four hours will lower the rate. Depending on your need, you can have 1+ therapists. Over 20 mile drive may result in extra fee.



Exfoliation Treatments
Exfoliation rejuvenates your skin by sloughing off all the layers of dead cells while pulling out some of the impurities that lay underneath. Then enjoy the feel of warm water and relax with a calming moisturizer to replenish your new skin! You can enjoy a full body treatment for that baby soft skin, treat just your feet, or the Backcial that includes a mint masque! If you have sensitive skin please ask for a “polish”.

Body Wraps

The Herbal Body Wrap is great for detoxification of impurities in the body and serves as aromatherapy for it is like being wrapped with warm healing teas. You will feel rejuvenated after soaking in warm herb-steeped blankets. Enjoy a facial massage and full body light moisturizer application afterward.

Moor Mud contains over 1,000 plant extracts and trace elements naturally. Research shows this famous Austrian mud is highly anti-inflammatory, stimulates natural production of cortisones, balances hormones, detoxifies, and helps release tension. The Moor Mud Wrap is great for joint problems, chronic skin conditions, stomach ailments. Moor has been used for decades in hospitals, clinics, and spas all over Europe. This ultra rich odorless black mud is warmed and spread over the body then wrapped to keep warm. After it is rinsed off a light moisturizer is applied. Aromatherapy is a great addition!

Paraffin Treatments
Enjoy hot Paraffin on your joints to relieve aches and pains especially from arthritis, rheumatism, or just tiredness! This is a short treatment and can be applied to your feet and ankles, your hands and wrists, or your elbows.

Ear Candling            
Ear Candling is a great way to reduce ear infections and improve hearing. This hollow paraffin candle draws out built up wax substances and toxins that can’t be removed on a regular basis, keeping the inner ear in good health. It is very relaxing.

                                                                                                                          Top Aromatherapy can enhance your services greatly. Natural essential oils have been used all throughout history to alleviate and assist us with everything from headaches to depression to household cleaning. The plants they come from are still used in medicine today, both in Western and Eastern cultures. Derived from the Earth straight to you. Aromatherapy not only is pleasing to the nose but penetrates deeper through your body’s systems to get to the core of imbalances.


Gift Certificates can be purchased in any dollar amount of $50 or above.
Gift Certificates are non-refundable but are transferable to another person.
They expire 6 months from date issued.

Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue   

Hot Stone Massage

Thai Massage

Couples Massage

Chair Massage
˝ Hour   $35  
1 Hour  $65  
1 ˝ Hour  $90
2 Hours  $115       

1 Hour   $80
1 ˝ Hour $105
2 Hours $130

1 Hour  $90
1˝ Hour  $115
2 Hours  $140

1 Hour  $80
1 ˝ Hour  $105
2 Hours  $130

1 - 2 Hours Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Hot Stone
$10 Discount from total

Corporate or Special Event
Chair Massage$60/Hour
Swedish Package:
Massages For A Year!
12 Hours for $600.00
Swedish Massage

Deep Tissue   

1 Hour $100
1 ˝ Hour $125
2 Hours $150

1 Hour $115
1 ˝ Hour $140
2 Hours $165

Full Body Bliss
Foot Scrub
Herbal Body Wrap
Moor Mud Wrap           
Hot Paraffin Treatment
Ear Candling
1 Hour   $60
40 min.  $35
45 min.  $40
70 min.  $75
70 min.  $95
20 min.  $15/ area
20 min.  $25

Methods of Payment:  Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express

*Prices effective 5/1/05