January                          Post-Holiday Vacation!

Once all the visitors have gone, put the gifts and decorations away and unwind with a
1 ˝ Hour Swedish Massage only $75. Try the Warm Moor Mud or Paraffin: $10

February     Treat that Special Person to an Unforgettable Experience!

Indulge your friend, co-worker, relative, or significant other into a 1 ˝ Hour Hot Stone Massage with Chamomile aromatherapy for only $100. New Clients Only

March                             Spring Into Fresh Skin!

Try your chances at having that soft rejuvenated skin again with a Full Body Bliss
. Slough all the dry skin away and get ready for the sun for only $45!

April                             Put Yourself Back in Motion!

Wake up all those joints and muscles with an invigorating yet relaxing Thai Massage. Forget about taxes and prepare to be revived! This month only $90 for 1 ˝ Hour.

May                               Remember Those You Love!

If you know someone whose served your country or have the best mother in the world, remember them with a 2 Hour Swedish Massage for only $100. New clients only.

June                      Know a Hard Working Father?

Show him how to unwind after a long summer day! Relish in the hard work of someone else for a change with a 1 ˝ Hour Deep Tissue Massage for only $90.

July                       Celebrate Your Independence With a Party!

Blast off & chill out with your guests as you get together to celebrate under the sun. Get Chair Massage next to the pool while all the troubles melt away. 2 Hours $100

August                     Attention Couples, Friends, Family!

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to share an experience of closeness. Enjoy a 1 Hour Couples Massage and get $15 extra off.

September                         Back to School Break!

The kids are finally back to school and school zones are back into effect. Be good to yourself with 1 ˝ Hour Outcall Swedish Massage for $105 & ground yourself again!

October                    Should you Trick or Treat your Boss?

Forget about the raise and the day you couldn’t take off. Be appreciative and surround them in an Herbal Body Wrap that they will thank you for next bonus check. $60 

November              Feast Your Skin in an Ancient Revitalizer!

Before you cook and clean for the guests, reap all the great benefits and the rich feeling of this masque nature offers. Warm Moor Mud Wrap, rinse, and moisturizer $80.

December              Avoid the Crowds and Simplify Your Choices!

What better gift than relaxation. Shed those knots while you drop off the gift wrap or avoid the gift wrap all together. $15 Off Any ($60 or more) Service or Gift Certificates

New Clients only. Gift certificates must be Used by New Clients Only.

Specials are for in calls only unless stated otherwise.