Your main therapist is Martha. Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Texas since 2001. Chiropractic assistant and physiotherapist in a chiropractic office gave her over four years additional massage and injury treatment experience. She now works independently and sometimes in conjunction with local spas, massage facilities, and chair massage contractors. Specializing in deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, hot stone massage, structural bodywork, and Thai massage.

Continuing education and experience is essential in providing the quality relief clients need. Look for new upcoming services in the future! Providing high quality personalized services at reasonable prices with a tranquil yet positive energy is the goal! Clients are treated with the warmth and support needed to continue to flourish in life, truly enjoying client’s referrals of family and friends, from the children to the elderly. I reside in the Northern suburbs of Dallas and maintain clientele from around the DFW metroplex with the North Dallas business location and outcalls. Spare time is dedicated to significant other, home, family, dance, art, outdoors, and fitness.

Other professional experienced top quality massage therapists are available as needed in case of emergency or for couple or group appointments. What is better than relaxation and good health? There aren't too many things that can be placed above, and that is why being a massage therapist is so rewarding. If you haven't had a professional full body massage, body wrap, or exfoliating treatment before, you'll definitely know it's worth taking the time once you try it. It rejuvenates the body in spirit and health and you can't put a price tag on that! Look Forward to Serving You.